Event Posting Terms of Use

Get Konnected! Calendar listings are free of charge. All listings are at the sole discretion of Get Konnected! (i.e. submitting a listing does not guarantee inclusion and events may be withdrawn at our discretion.) Get Konnected! event listings is designed to list activities and events which are of interest to a wide audience from through the community, or those activities and events which serve to promote the Greater Boston area itself. This is interpreted to mean that an event should be of interest to a cross section of individuals, which goes beyond the organization’s membership, and is likely to attract a reasonably large group of participants. We do not list recurring events that do not meaningfully change from week to week (i.e. karaoke, dance, classes, etc.) Get Konnected! events listing reserves the right to edit submissions for grammar, style, accuracy, and content.

The types of events that would be suitable for Get Konnected! Events Calendar include:

  • Major fund-raising events for non-profit organizations (Dinner Dances, Galas, Banquets, etc.)
  • Significant Entertainment Events (Community Arts Concerts, Theatrical Productions, etc.)
  • Significant Activities (Art Festivals, etc.)
  • Large Community Events important to scheduling
  • Events or activities that our audience deem important

These guidelines are just that, guidelines, and are not meant to be an exhaustive list of what we do and do not include.

Please do not submit information in ALL CAPS or with no notes, only web links. This may cause your event entry approval to be delayed or denied.