Who is Get Konnected! for?


Grow Your Bottom-Line & Market Share
Access Upscale Urban, Multicultural and International Consumers


Access a Diverse Talent Pool
Help Employees Expand Professional Network


Recruit and Connect with Diverse Volunteers


Industry Leaders
CEOs and C-Level Executives
Meet Professionals with a Social Entrepreneurial Spirit

Who should be a SPONSOR?

Any company or organization with good and services to sell and promote or who is seeking to reach culturally diverse consumers and attract /retain culturally diverse employees. Get Konnected! Corporate Sponsorship package offers full access to a receptive upscale, urban, multicultural and international audience. This is a great venue for B2C; B2B; as well as building both brand awareness and equity.


Presenting Partner, Platinum Konnector, Gold Konnector, Silver Konnector, Brand Konnectors.

Sponsorship BENEFITS

    • Connects sponsor to key business drivers
      1) Access to diverse employees and consumers
      2) Fulfills supplier diversity through partnership with a minority woman-owned business; and
      3) Corporate Social Responsibility  links sponsor to culturally diverse professional  and business community – the emerging .
    • Enhances diversity recruitment & retention and multicultural marketing outreach through a single platform that utilizes multi media marketing channels.
    • Affords positive brand awareness at SIX recurring events for what it typically cost for a one time sponsorship.
    • Positions sponsor as a “best practice” diversity and inclusion friendly organization as well as build brand equity and loyalty while growing its market share and bottom line.
    • Allows for meaningful engagement. Unlike large noisy conferences and outdoor events, Get Konnected! attendees get to know sponsors brand, products/services and offerings in an intimate setting
    • Facilitates opportunity to engage multiple culturally diverse employees & consumers  in a single venue at the same time.

The Get Konnected! ADVANTAGE

    • Provides sponsors access to multiple culturally diverse consumers and talent in one location.
    • Word of mouth is a very powerful endorsement tool among culturally diverse population.

If you are interested in learning more about being a Sponsor or Brand Konnector, please call 617-357-5777 or email us.