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Framingham, MA

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60 Worcester Rd.
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 875-1571

Chocolate Therapy is on a mission to rethink the traditional chocolatier offering.

Explore all the senses with flavors that include olive oil, hops, sweet potato, pomegranate, and more. Every chocolate is crafted by hand from the painting of the jewel like molds to the distinctive drizzle on top. No two chocolates are the same and there are new seasonal flavors that are sure to delight the taste buds.

Featured Items

Sunset in the mountains

Our petite dark chocolate truffle bar with a smooth ganache center enrobed in a dark shell. Sprinkled with edible dried flowers..


Sunset in the mountains

An 8 piece collection of customer and staff favorites, a great way to support a local business and enjoy some chocolate therapy at home.


Sunset in the mountains

An 8 piece collection of our winter seasonal flavors. If you are buying this as a gift, make sure to get one for yourself.


Our Story

David and Pam Griffin, Owners of Chololate TherapyChocolate Therapy is a chocolate shop, dedicated to providing you with remarkable, locally produced chocolates, as well as our unique handmade collection. Our collection features innovative flavors that compliment the emerging research suggesting that Dark Chocolate is the next superfood. In addition to the feel good properties that you already know about, chocolate is a source of antioxidants that have been associated with reducing the risk of heart disease, and promoting circulatory health among many other health issues. At Chocolate Therapy you will find a line of fine chocolates that will indulge your senses, treat your body and soothe your soul!

With well over 50 plus years of combined corporate experience, David and Pam Griffin decided to do something for themselves. After investigating several small business options they were led to chocolate. Blending their backgrounds in retail and manufacturing, a lot of research and a long history of healthy eating came the birth of Chocolate Therapy.

They have pushed the boundaries of taste and texture, combining exceptional ingredients in thoughtful and innovative ways that are both amazingly delicious and uniquely their own. Capitalizing on the well-documented health benefits of dark chocolate and adding therapeutic ingredients they would have a winning combination and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

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