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Boston, MA

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67 Kemble Street
Suite 3.3
Boston, MA 02119
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Windwalker Group is an award-winning, 8(a) small business with more than 25 years of experience in getting our customers ready – ready to grow, ready to thrive, and ready for what’s next. We offer physical and cybersecurity solutions that prepare and safeguard our customers. We provide proven learning and training solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs. We offer professional services solutions that help our customers meet a variety of business objectives and strengthen the workforce. We provide project management and consulting solutions that guide customer initiatives to success. We offer high quality multimedia and web solutions that visualize and communicate our customers’ vision. And we deliver technology support and guidance that optimizes our customers capabilities.

Featured Items

Security Training

We consult with customers to design and develop custom, effective training solutions. Together, we create experiences that ensure a learner retains information and recalls it when they need it.

Security Consulting

Your partner in security consulting Windwalker has evolved over 20 years to provide exceptional cybersecurity and physical security services for federal, state, and commercial organizations.

Security Management and Staffing

Windwalker’s corporate management team provides efficient and responsive oversight capabilities to a variety of clients, especially within the military health and project management arenas.

Company Leadership

Herby Duverne, CEO Windwalker GroupHerby Duverné is  the  Principal and Chief Executive Officer for Windwalker Group. Since becoming Windwalker’s CEO in 2012, he has led the company’s growth with a focus on external branding, sales and marketing initiatives, and a commitment to sustained superior client service. Additionally, Mr. Duverné has increased the organization’s workforce while introducing new business offerings in cybersecurity, physical security, and professional services. He has led the company’s efforts to earn a Defense Security Services top-secret security clearance, expand operations in multiple states, and build contracts with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense. Mr. Duverné possesses adept experience in infrastructure protection, intelligence, law enforcement, investigations, security and loss prevention, crisis and risk management, and aviation and port emergency management. 

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