With the fast changing and growing culturally diverse demographics in Massachusetts, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, (BCBSMA), recognized the competitive advantage in increasing its market share and bottom line by targeting African Americans and Latinos. To this end, in 2008, Blue Cross Blue Shield Massachusetts launched a Multicultural Marketing Initiative that included addressing Health Disparities to ensure that these targeted consumers received the proper information about healthcare.

Get Konnected sponsors

In 2010, when the company launched its new bilingual multicultural website, it saw Get Konnected! as the perfect partner and venue to test the website amongst the target consumers. The company set up laptops at a Get Konnected! and presented attendees an opportunity to visit and experience the site. Following the Get Konnected! test launch of the website, BCBSMA experienced a 68% increase in site visits with visitors remaining on the site for more than 3 minutes.

The positive response to the multicultural website by Get Konnected! attendees sold Blue Cross Blue Shield on the importance of a long term partnership with Get Konnected! as an effective, result-driven branding and consumer engagement channel for culturally diverse consumers. The company is now one of Get Konnected’s a premier sponsor leveraging its sponsorship both from a marketing and a diversity HR perspective.

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