Your network is indeed your net worth. It is essential to have the right contacts in today’s business world: Get Konnected! proves to be a powerful conduit for truly making konnections that matter. It is an informal business gathering of over 200 professionals that bond over diversity, business connections and career advancement. Get Konnected! is a prime opportunity for business professionals to network and meet new people who can help advance their careers and to foster valuable business relationships.

When Sushil Tuli attended the May 27, 2015 gathering of Get Konnected!, Boston’s premiere networking event, little did he know that he would have made a konnection that would land him, just six weeks later, on the cover of the leading business newspaper in Boston, the Boston Business Journal.

Tuli had just hired Get Konnected! founder, Colette Phillips and her public relations agency, Colette Phillips Communications (CPC Global) to work with him on the grand opening of his first Boston branch in the Seaport Innovation District. Phillips introduced Tuli to Robin Washington, a contributing reporter for the Boston Business Journal and as a result of that introduction, Tuli and Washington began talking about his bank. They talked about the fact that he came to this country as a young man almost 40 years ago and began his banking career as a teller and 24 years later, in 2002, opened his own bank, “Leader Bank”. Tuli took the opportunity that he saw in the Seaport district, which he described as the “epicenter” of the city’s growth and innovation economy as the location to launch a branch in Boston; his keen sense of market allowed him to turn an idea to a highly successful reality against all odds. Leader Bank is one of two banks in the New England Region that is owned by a person of color.

Leader Bank, a company that started with a vision, has created an incredible foundation but has not lost sight of its beginnings. “With $846 million in assets at the close of 2014, Tuli describes Leader, which is based in Arlington, as a small family business akin to the neighborhood convenience store or pharmacy, albeit one with some prime locations” (Robin Washington). His humble nature, determination to stay a good corporate customer based citizen, and keen business insights has made him a success.

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